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Brunell Outdoors Adventures
Brunell Outdoors Adventures is South Louisiana's newest premier hunting and fishing consultant agency. Our primary focus is connecting avid outdoorsman to hunting and fishing outfitters across the United States and around the world.

We believe at Brunell Outdoors there are several advantages to using our service. For instance, there is no cost to you to partner your service with us and we bring customer to you! You have nothing to lose(a commission is only collected when a trip is sold) and you will most likely increase your profits by utilizing our service. We believe you will benefit from our services in many ways and since we only use a limited number of outfitters in each state (3), we are better able to market your service to our clients. This gives you a distinct advantage when you are not competing with every outfitter in your area. We believe this advantage will help boost your profits and client base. We are currently advertising in several top markets across the south, with near term plans to advertise in both local and national hunting and fishing magazines. Brunell Outdoors is also listed and optimized on all of the major internet search engines. We are also listed on several top internet sites, such as Bargain Trophies.com.

With the 2006 season fast coming to an end, sportsman will soon be turning their attention to the 2007 season. Let Brunell Outdoors partner with you and help maximize your 2007 bookings.

If you are interested in partnering with Brunell Outdoors, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of this page. To ensure that there is an opening in your area as we are only accepting a limited number of outfitters in your state.